I love teaching and coaching

"I love teaching and coaching young musicians as well as working with formed groups who are non-professional amateurs. I believe in inspiring players to reach their full potential and to find enjoyment in the art of making music."

Lessons are conducted in my studio for beginners on violin or viola,
and also for students with previous training.
I also teach in the San Domenico School Virtuoso Program
in San Anselmo, California.
I coach for viola sectionals at Sonoma State University

I help you learn and establish good playing habits and techniques.

I offer coaching for advanced players, ensembles and amateurs.

Classes are individually tailored to each student or group, regardless of age or ability level.

For beginners: I teach simple music theory, rhythm,
tuning, holding the instrument and bow.

For developing players: bow techniques,
good fingerings, scales, vibrato.

Every student is encouraged to build on previous learning,
to set goals, and to celebrate achievements.

Elizabeth Prior

Please contact me
about lessons in violin or viola, ensemble coaching or performances in chamber music for an event or concert.